We take great care in seeking out the best for your dog.  We will be motivating your dog through positive reinforcement methods rather than heavy corrections.  It is now known that abusive, severe and often extreme training methods actually CAUSE behavioral problems during your dogs training.  These dominant, compulsive measures may have a lasting negative psychological effect on your dog’s personality and attitude.

Training your dog should be pleasurable for BOTH handler and your dog.  We find dogs are more willing to please when they are rewarded for their efforts, much the same way we work for a pay check. Positive reinforcements can be given in several ways.  For some, it may be a reward in the way of a small treat, for others it may be their favorite toy and for others praise from their handler will be incentive enough.  A reinforcement is something, which will make the dog likely to repeat a behavior you’re trying to teach them.  Most dogs will repeat a behavior ending in a positive manner.

All dogs will benefit from obedience, whether it’s for good home manners, good citizenship or for competition.  This method of training has been proven to be much more beneficial than the “jerk & pull” compulsive method.  We do not advocate abusive corrections or scare tactics when training.

We realize not every training method works with every dog and handler so we try to tailor the training sessions for your needs.  We want every dog and handler to find what works for you.  We would like to be the ones to help you find it.

Every individual trains his or her dogs for different reasons.  But the end result is the same.  HAPPY DOGS AND HAPPY OWNERS!!!!!!

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